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Live Finals: October 9, 2021 in Zurich

In close cooperation with its partners World Sailing and Virtual Regatta.

Siegerbild 2021

Rank NicknameNameFirst Name Total Quali J70 Q1J70 Q2Nacra17 Q3Nacra17 Q4F50 Q5F50 Q6 49er Medal Race Total after MR
1 LaegernSchneiderArno 18 361413 5 28
2 che66erEgliVincent 26 654155 1 28
3 STUTCHSiegwartLudo 24 449322 3 30
4 Christian EttelEttelChristian 27 275247 2 31
5 PeppinoJuchliPhilipp 34 718639 4 42
6 StripesSimonetArnaud 32 536981 6 44
7 Celestial StromScheuDaniel 38 922898
8 Mélanie MaradanMaradanMélanie 42 19101066
9 gio54MüllerGiovanni 44 88351010
10 Flying PalominoLeistMarkus 45 10107774

How to play

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The Swiss eSailing Championship is played on the same platform as the World eSailing Championship. When registering for one, you register automatically for the other by indicating «Switzerland» as your nationality. Players in the Swiss championship must be Swiss citizens in order to qualify for the Swiss Champion’s title.

2021 Season Breakdown

March 1st, 2021Launch Date
August 31st, 2021Cut Off Date for Finals (10 Top Ranked Swiss Sailors)
October 9th, 2021Live Finals, Zurich

How to play

Players register here and don’t forget to indicate your nationality. The Swiss Championship is based on the Notice of Race (NoR) as published by Swiss Sailing. eSailing worldwide is governed by World Sailing’s Virtual Racing Rules of Sailing (VRRS). If you have registered earlier for the World Championship: no need to re-register provided you indicated your Swiss nationality. Once entered into Virtual Regatta’s page you find a tutorial, allowing you to learn the game and how to operate your boat on your device. See you on the screen and best winds!

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Live Finals on Oct 9, 2021 to be streamed

The Finals of the Swiss National esailing Championship will run Oct 9, 2021, 14:00 – 16:00 CEST at Zürcher Segelclub. Anyone my watch and follow the finals on Youtube under the following link:
We wish the finalists good luck and best winds!

Press Release:
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Swiss team plays World Sailing’s Nations Cup 2021

Swiss Sailing has selected a team representing Switzerland in the World Sailing Nations Cup 2021. Around 20 nations will compete. The first round is being played against Russia (RUS) coming Monday, Oct 4, 2021 at 9pm CEST. Watch the game under this link. The Swiss Team’s captain, Arno Schneider «Laegern» is looking forward to an exciting game!

Live Finals participants and modus announcement

As previously announced, the Live Finals of the Swiss National eSailing Championships will take place October 9, 2021 from 2 – 4 pm at Zürcher Segel Club (ZSC). Please see here for the Amendment Nr 1 to NoR for all details. We are happy to announce the ten finalists:

«Laegern»Arno Schneider
«Stutch» Ludovic Siegwart (CNM)
«che66er»Vincent Egli (SCM)
«Christian»Christian Ettel (Champion 2020)
«Flying Palomino» Markus Leist
«Stripes» Arnaud Simonet (Champion 2019)
«Peppino»Philipp Juchli (YCA)
«Celestial Storm»Daniel Scheu
«Melanie»Melanie Maradan (CCSRC)
«gio54»Giovanni Müller (ZSC)

The event shall be broadcast on YouTube. We are looking forward to see you in Zurich Oct 9!

While the last few days of the qualification are running,
Swiss Sailing announces Live Finals

Tuesday August 31st 2021 will be the last day of this year's qualifation period to the Swiss National eSailing Championship. Around 600 players have sailed during the last months. The top ten will qualify for the Live Finals to be held in Zurich on October 9, 2021. Swiss Sailing cooperates for the event closely with Zürcher Segelclub (ZSC) and the Swiss Sailing League, embedded in their Swiss Sailing League Cup. We shall be supported by the main sponsor AON. More details will be announced in due course.

IOC announces first Virtual Sports Series

IOC has announced the launch of the first Virtual Sports Series taking place ahead of the Tokyo Olympic Games. There shall be five International Sports Federations included, among the World Sailing. Watch out for more information here.

Aon sponsors Swiss eSailing Championship 2021

We are happy to announce that Aon, a globally active insurance broker and risk management expert, has agreed to support the Swiss eSailing Championship again after a one year break. Watch out for more news in the conduct of the Championship.

2021 Edition of Swiss eSailing Championship goes live

The starting signal to the Swiss esailing Championship 2021 was given today. Hopefully you are part of the fleet! May we kindly make you aware once again that the Swiss eSailing Championship is open to Swiss Citizens only according Notice of Race 2021 (NoR 3.3). Swiss Sailing will perform random checks during the season. Thanks for your understanding!

Press release for the 3rd Swiss National eSailing Championship

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Thumbs up for Swiss eSailing Championship 2021

You'll find all necessary information for the Swiss eSailing Championship 2021 on this website. First date will be March 1, 2021, registration and training on the World Championship platform are possible as of today. Best winds and happy sailing!

Swiss eSailing Championship 2021 confirmed

Details follow…




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